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Information about site licences

The information on this page does not apply to Australia or New Zealand. If you live in those countries you should contact AAMT.

Site licences are available separately for the Problem Pictures, Problem Pictures Themes and Problem Pictures Numbers CD-ROMs. If you are uncertain whether you need a site licence for the CD-ROMs, please read through the information below.

Single user copies of CD-ROMs

A teacher who purchases a single user copy of a CD-ROM may reproduce material from the disc for use in his or her classroom. At any time, the disc must not be running on more than one computer. If you want to run it on several computers at the same time, or place it on a school network, your school or college must purchase a site licence.

Site licences for CD-ROMS

Schools and colleges who purchase a site licence are permitted to make copies on paper or electronic media, including copying files on to a server, on condition that the materials cannot be accessed from outside the institution. Copying on to a public website is not permitted.

The primary site licence is for primary schools only. The secondary site licence is for secondary schools, and also for colleges and university departments.

How do I upgrade from single user to site licence?

If you have already purchased a single user copy, you can upgrade to a site licence by paying the difference in the cost. You will be sent site licence documentation and an extra copy of the latest version of the disc. £2 carriage is added.

There are two ways to order. Either send us an official order and we will invoice you. Or if you prefer to pay by card, send us details of your order by email to info@badseypublications.co.uk and we will send you a PayPal electronic invoice which is secure and can be paid using any of the usual credit or debit cards.

When you order, give the full name and address of the school or college. There is no need to send us your single user disc, but if possible, let us know when and where it was purchased so we can check against our records.

What happens if I buy a site licence with my own credit or debit card?

We will send you the disc as soon as possible. We will also contact you to ask the name and address of the school (or other institution) where the site licence will be used. This will be put on the site licence documentation and posted on to you. We will also ask if you need a receipt that shows the name of the school.

For further information about site licences see the Problem Pictures support page.

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