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Problem Pictures resources – details about the digital downloads

How the resources are supplied

The Problem Pictures resources are supplied as compressed ZIP files. These files must be unzipped or extracted in order to access the collection of resource files inside.

The resources are primarily intended to be accessed using a web browser. The files supplied include HTML files, JPEG images and MP4 videos.

The resources can be viewed by opening the 'index.htm' file which is found inside the extracted folder. A welcome page should then open in your web browser.

Technical requirements

The Problem Pictures resources will run on almost any computer or laptop with a web browser. Any up-to-date web browser can be used.

The downloads are around 250MB in size but you will require up to 500MB of free disc space in order to extract the supplied ZIP files.

To access the resources your device must allow you to view local HTML files in a web browser. You must also be able to extract ZIP files.

You might not be able to run the resources on a tablet or phone because these devices typically have limitations on accessing the local file system. To access the resources on such devices we recommend purchasing a site licence and then placing the resources on a server. The resources can then be accessed in a web browser via the server. If you do this please note the resources must never be made accessible to people outside your school or institution.